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Law x Princess!Reader: Freedom. Chapter 21.
A/N: This chapter contains spoilers about Law's past. Read at your own risk.
Time seemed to stop as your (E/C) orbs bored into his dark gray ones, looking at you with his trademark stoic expression, but had a hint of happiness and relief. You couldn't move, although the only thing you had in mind was running to him and hug him to death. However, your own body was  betraying you, refusing to move an inch from your current position.
The door suddenly flung open and Dan, your waiter and friend, rushed in. His always cheerful smile was gone and replaced by a worried frown.
“(Y/N)! Is everything okay? I heard crashing-” He stopped dead on his tracks at the scene before his eyes. Law and you were merely a meter from each other, frozen in place, and staring deeply into the other's eyes, as if trying to read the other's soul.
He saw your eyes wide and filled with tears, as you could barely prevent them from stream down your face. You flinched a bit as you saw Law move if even
:iconpiratehero3:PirateHero3 67 29
Only me
Do  you see me...

I  was  a  guest  in the kingdom of  Sindria.  The  people  were  as  exotic  as  they  come.  They  were  never  hungry, a  smile  was  always  on their  faces.  The air was  refreshing and  the  water  welcoming. But  even  with all  this, there  was  only  one  person  on  my  mind  who  I  wanted  more  than  anyone  in  the  world. Sinbad...
I  knew that  being the youngest  princess  was a big deal  for  me. But  even  I  knew  the  world  was cruel  even  to royalty.  The  princess from the Kou empire really  fell hard  for  Sinbad. My  clothing  was  picked  out  p
:iconnarutoeatsasuke:narutoEATsasuke 231 50
Back Seat Lover [Rin X Reader]
It was a clear and warm night and the sky was full of sparkling stars. You were with your boyfriend on a small hill near the city on the back seat of his car, and his car roof could be folded in so the car itself could turn into a cabriolet. It was a wonderful scenario with all the stars and the weather. You were laying in Rin’s arms and cuddled a bit with his torso.
„Say, _____“, he started a sentence. „This really was a beautiful idea of mine, right?“ He said and gave you a soft kiss on the cheek. You just nodded and smiled. It really was something nice and romantic, and you never expected that you would ever have a date like that.
„Actually I never thought you could come up with something romantic as this.“ You whispered towards him. He chuckled. „Really? It is not that hard. You just watch some movies until you get an idea. It’s the way I did.“ „And how many movies did you watch until you came up with this?“ Yo
:icongremoria:Gremoria 433 40
Mature content
Love past midnight (sinbad reader) :iconnarutoeatsasuke:narutoEATsasuke 180 62
Pulse [Eld x Sick!Reader]
One beat at a time.
One step further.
Your squad was safe. That was all the mattered. Now, you had to save yourself. You bolted through the remains of the city, evading the twelve meter beast grabbing for you. Sharp pains spiked from your lower back to your neck with each jerk from your gear. You didn’t doubt your skills: you trained hard and took your place as a Squad leader. No, it wasn’t that at all:
Your heart was giving out.
With a desperate cry, you dug the wires into the Titan’s shoulder. This enabled you to close in and dig your blades into the nape of its neck. Its roar boomed through the demolished city.
Just a little longer.
Don’t give up on me now.
As you landed, your legs quivered, nearly giving out. Every breath burned your dried throat. Every heart beat bruised your chest.
Almost there. Almost to safety.
You ran. You ran with every ounce of strength left. The smoke burned your eyes, and the smell violated your nostrils. You dodged piece o
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 143 36
Spark [ Ed Elric x Reader ]
     A high pitched cry echoed through the four bedroom home of the Elric’s and the former state alchemist groaned before hiding his blond head under his pillow.
     “Ed, it’s your turn,” you mumbled, half asleep trying to grab another hour of sleep before having to get up for the day.  As it was, the newest Elric had continued to wake up throughout the entire night.  The thought of having to stand made your head hurt but unfortunately, your husband wanted to play dirty.
     At the feel of his metal finger tips touching the bare skin of your lower back, a shock flew through your body causing your body to jerk.  The result was you falling to the floor in a tangle of bed sheets.  “Edward Elric, I swear I’m going to kill you.”  As you stood from the floor you fixed your crooked shorts and tank-top before leaving the room to the nursery across the hall.
:iconviskavatten:ViskaVatten 109 20
You'll Be In My Heart (Levi X Reader)
This had become a part of your nightly routine. You'd wake up, screaming or in tears, and Levi would be there to comfort you, hug and kiss you in a gentle way that no other man could replicate. What was the source of your midnight awakenings? Better question, what wasn't the source? How could you not be terrified every day for your life? For as much as anyone knew, those beasts could break down the wall in your sleep, killing each and every one of you. It didn't help that the expedition was a failure, and you lost your closest friends on Squad Levi. Your lover didn't seem fazed by the fact that his only friends died.
That is until tonight.
You weren't the one to awaken in a fit of screams or choking on your sobs. He was. He shot straight up, a strangled cry tearing from his throat. You immediately woke, turning to see the usually stoic man in tears, hugging his knees against his chest. You slowly sat up, wrapping your arms around his shoulders. Short, raspy breaths escaped his lips.
:icongreystream:Greystream 317 116
First Kiss (Levi x Reader)
Levi's eyes landed at the door when he heard a knock on the door.
"State your business."
"It's me!"
Levi sighed before shouting, "Go away!" Only to receiving a groan.
"Please, I want to talk to you about something very important." You tried to say as stern as possible, which he surprisingly bought.
You heard a small 'come in' and burst through the door, grinning.
"What's so important that you had to bother me?" The stoic man questioned.
"How rude, is this how you greet your best friend?" You slightly pouted. Levi rolled his eyes going back to his paper work.
"Is this even important?" Levi asked, eyes not leaving the papers. You situated yourself on the seat across from him carefully staring at his focused expression.
"Mmm, not really. I was just bored." You responded.
"Well then, do you want me to assign more cleaning duty, Cadet?" He emphasized his last word.
"You're so boring Levi seriously, lighten up once a while."
"There's no such thing as lightening up these days (name)."
:iconjungtaekwoon:jungtaekwoon 249 37
TYL Kyoya Hibari's Married Life [KHR FF]
He sat near the window overlooking the beautiful garden outside his traditional Japanese house. He was greeted with the smell of the flowers blooming in the garden, his ears listening to the sound of the shishi-odoshi a device used to scare away birds from destroying the garden. The sharp sound it makes when the water is dumped out, causing the heavier end to fall back against the rock, eased his mind. He watched the movements of the fish in the pond and suddenly a tiny pudgy yellow bird came flying to him, exclaiming, "Hibari! Hibari!" as if welcoming him back to his own house. He was still wearing his black suit, his tie still in place. The little bird, absent-mindedly named 'Hibird' by a female 'acquaintance' Haru Miura, causing it to be a permanent name for the bird, tried to pull Hibari's tie with its tiny beak. Hibari grunted, and gently pushed the bird away. He loosened his tie by himself, making Hibird chirp happily. Hibari let out a small chuckle, and gently
:iconnuthin2say:nuthin2say 36 3
Edward X Reader - Change
Edward looked outside the train window, he began to make out the land marking that signaled Resembool was close. Excitement was tingling throughout his body, but with that was also worry. He wasn't sure if [name] would remember him, he hadn't talk to you since his mother died. Every time he had tried to talk to you after that, he'd always change his mind. Not this time. He assured himself. He wasn't sure how much you've changed but he'd still find [name]. Edward felt the train jolt to a stop. He was here. "Brother!" Alphonse pointed to two girls outside. Ed had recognized Winry, but she was with a girl with [h/c] hair. He had to admit, the other girl was beautiful. "Well, we can't keep Winry waiting, she'll kill us if we do." The brothers hurried off the train. "Hey!" Winry greeted them with beaming eyes. "Hey," Ed said "Why are you so happy?" Winry just laughed.
"Hello!" Ed looked over to see that Alphonse had already greeted the girl. "Hi Alphonse!" She greeted him like she's
:iconwrittenwordoflove:writtenwordoflove 314 32
Mature content
Cake Tastes Better With A Little Lust :iconhoneymango:HoneyMango 15 8
Sebastian Michaelis by alegleycegru Sebastian Michaelis :iconalegleycegru:alegleycegru 4 9 Sebastian's sex face by The-Girlwith-Glasses
Mature content
Sebastian's sex face :iconthe-girlwith-glasses:The-Girlwith-Glasses 35 15


Hi, everyone! So I did my reaction to the Attack on Titan Season 2 trailer, and it was awesome!!! Oh my God it's so awesome I could just kiss everyone over at WIT Studio for this dream come true!!! Anywho, here's my reaction.
Following her master Lord Silver Mask's orders to infiltrate the Pars Royal Capital of Ecbatana, (Name) was waiting for the right signal to strike in order for her master and his army to enter. 'My master is waiting for my signal to strike, he will reward me with something, and everything will be his for the taking.'

                                   *a few hours ago*

A few hours before the invasion began, (Name) is with hr master Silver Mask for preparations for the invasion. "Where is my sword, (Name)?" "It's right here, Master." She had his sword in her hands for him to give to. He took it from her and draws it. "Only in about two seconds, I'm quite surprised." "Indeed." He then puts the sword back in its' sheath and begins to worry.

"The kingdom will be ours, but someone might be free once I claim the throne. Yet, they're still blind..." She then wrapped her arms around his neck and he faced her. "Focus on the invasion of the Capital, and you'll get what you want." She then took his face in her hands and kiss him gently, then she pulls away. "And try not to worry about the past." She then kisses him again.

                                 *back to the present*

Waiting for her chance to strike, a signal for her master's men was all she could see. 'Now's my chance!' She then removes her disguise and get ready for her assassination job. First she stabbed a guard through the back with a dagger, then a second guard in the stomach. Despite her hands being covered in blood, she keeps on killing the guards.

Then she come to the next guards by covering his mouth, and placing the dagger against his throat. "Hey, no offense taken." She then slices his throat open and he falls over, dead in front of her. She lets out a breath and has one more guard to kill, the one in front holding his spear in one hand, the right one.

With her speed, she slices the guard's right arm and he falls over to the ground. He wonders what was going on around him. "What?! GRAAAHHH!!! MY RIGHT HAND!! IT'S GONE!! IT'S GONE!!" He then sees her with a dagger in her hand, which is covered in blood. She continues to watch him scream his head off.

"My right hand...! My right hand...! I need it...! Or I... I cannot call for backup... I won't be able to have them fight this woman assassin for me...! My right hand! My right hand! My right hand! My right hand! MY RIGHT HAND!!" He then looks at his hand and spear. "Hand... My right hand..."

He about to use his left hand to grab his fallen right one, but she stabs him in the stomach then slices his throat open. She then lights a torch and signals the Lusitanian soldiers and her master of her successful assignment. "Success." And with that, the Lusitanian army began their invasion on the Capital.

                                    *A few hours later*

After meeting with her master and the Lusitanian soldiers along with Kharlan, (Name) now walks behind her master with the soldiers in the underground cavern after her successful assassination of the guards inside the capital. After for what seems like a while, a hooded woman suddenly appeared, appearing to be the Queen of Pars.

"Hn-hn. My, what have we here? I never thought I would happened upon the esteemed Lady Queen of Pars in a place such as this. You saved me the trouble of looking for you." Silver Mask then walks right up to her. "It appears that you and Andragoras are better matched than I'd imagined. One abandoned his men to flee the battlefield, the other abandoned her city to hide away underground. What's become of the stoic dignity of those who sit on the throne?"

"Who are you? What do you want?" "Who am I? Why I am the man who would bring true justice to Pars." The woman then sees Kharlan there with the soldiers. "Lord Kharlan? What are you doing here with him?" (Name) then notices that the woman is not the Queen of Pars. "'Lord Kharlan', did you call him?! You are no queen at all!!" He removes her hood and she moves back in fear.

"I dispose of those for whom I have no use." And with a snap of his fingers, (Name) then appears behind the woman and brings out a rope. She loops it around her neck and tightens her grip on it, while the woman was struggling and choking. "The only person you have to blame is yourself, you chose the wrong master."

(Name) kept on choking the woman until finally she tightens the rope too much and the woman's neck breaks, killing her instantly. She then releases her and she falls over dead, then she returns back to her position with the soldiers. "Let's go. Before the night is out, we would have thrown the palace into confusion from within. With any luck, the real queen will still be waiting inside its' walls."

"Just a moment." They then see a young man called Gieve there. "I don't know who you are beneath that mask, but you just murdered a beautiful woman. There's no telling what sort of reward she might have granted me had she lived." He then covered the woman's corpse. "Why not remove your mask, show me your face. But maybe that is your face. Does mercury run through your veins instead of blood, changing your very flesh?"

(Name) then growled at his words and gets ready to walk towards him. "How dare you speak that way to--!" Kharlan then stops her way from getting any further. "Please do not interfere, madame." "But that man just insulted the--" "Please do not interfere." Despite this, she gives in to his words. "Right."

The two then draw their blades and fight with Silver Mask having the upper hand to strike him, but he moves away. But when he was going to finish him off, he tosses his lantern to the torch to create a blaze, making Silver Mask look at it. His eyes then widen in fear at the flames, remembering his traumatic past.

(Name) then gasped at this along with Kharlan. "No!" She then brings out her dagger and slices the older off the torch, then tosses it into the air with her. Then she kicks the flame into the water, dying the flame out. Then she lands to her master's side, while the soldiers came behind them and Kharlan defending him.

"Are you going to be alright?" Silver Mask then calms down after this traumatic experience. "I'm Fine. I leave swatting this pesky fly to you. We shall continue ahead." "Yes sir!" With that, the three then walk off, leaving the soldiers to deal with Gieve themselves. "Farewell then, Silver Mask. It's been fun, 'till we meet again."

                                *a few minutes later*

After that encounter with Gieve, (Name) began to worry of her master. "Are you sure you'll be okay, Master?" "Of Course I'll be fine, don't worry about me. Just focus on continuing ahead." "Yes, Master." 'Anything for my master is to focus on the task in conquering the Capital.'

(And that's that! Now keep in mind, that I based this off of season 1 episode 6 of The Heroic Legend of Arslan. Keep in mind, I haven't seen the series before, not even read the light novel or the manga or watch the OVA. But I figured that I based this off of it. So, bye)
Focus (Hilmes x Assassin! Bodyguard! Reader)
Hey guys! This is my first time writing an "X Reader" story for a hero or villain character! But this time I'm doing a villain, 'cuz villains need love, too 'ya know! And without further adieu, today's canon x reader story is gonna be around Silver Mask aka Hilmes from The Heroic Legend of Arslan. Now keep in mind, I've never watch the anime or the OVA before, not even read the light novel or the manga, and I don't even know what I'm in for, but I'm gonna follow this plot around the Hiromu Arakawa based story. And keep in mind, this will have a female reader perspective, so you've been advised.

All rights belong to their respective owners.


Danyelle Meister
United States
Name: Danyelle Meister
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Age: 20
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Hi, everyone! So I did my reaction to the Attack on Titan Season 2 trailer, and it was awesome!!! Oh my God it's so awesome I could just kiss everyone over at WIT Studio for this dream come true!!! Anywho, here's my reaction.


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